Homes For Sale North River Ranch in Parrish

Florida has many gorgeous neighborhoods and subdivisions scattered across the state that make great places to live. And today, we’ll be looking at one of those subdivisions: the North River Ranch in Parrish.

About Parrish

Parrish is in Manatee County and is situated near the state’s western coast, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. It was first established in the 1860s and was known as Oak Hill, but would later be renamed after Crawford Parrish, who originally hailed from Georgia.

The area is known for its classical, less commercialized feeling, reminiscent of the Florida of yesteryear, as well as convenient proximity to the state’s major cities and attractions.

Rundown of North River Ranch

The North River Ranch subdivision is in a part of Parrish close to Bradenton. It’s a 2000+ acre, charming upscale community with high average household incomes, and a wide variety of amenities and nice conveniences for residents.

North River Ranch in Parrish – Homes for Sale

Construction and History

North River Ranch is a project of real estate and development firm Neal Land & Neighborhoods, founded by seasoned developer John A. Neal. The subdivision is a relatively recent development and consists of three neighborhoods: Brightwood, Riverfield, and Wildleaf.


Several home developers construct the houses:

Cardel Homes is a Canada-based builder specializing in single-family homes, including several single-story buildings with spacious rooms and natural, light, and earthy hues for their exteriors.

David Weekely Homes also builds single-family homes and wonderfully wide 45′ and 50′ homesites that give residents ample room to work with.

Homes by Westbay’s houses are grandiose, many standing two stories tall and boasting a width of 60′, giving people the space to decorate inside without significant area limitations.

Neal Communities’ homes come in various “series” to fit anyone’s needs, with houses in the Celebration, Coral, Cruise, and Cove styles.


The Plantation, FL-based Castle Group manages North River Ranch’s Homeowners Association. They work to ensure everything regarding deeds and architecture meets their guidelines to help keep the subdivision a high-quality one.

What we like about this place

  • Large houses that are great for big families
  • Less hustle and bustle than other neighborhoods
  • Fast internet to stay connected with loved ones and employers
  • Abundant in-neighborhood activities to keep residents active and social
  • Close to some of Florida’s best offerings
  • Great schools nearby
  • Good management from HOA

North River Ranch’s Amenities

One of the community’s selling points is how many amenities and other excellent non-residential features it offers residents.

Look no further than the Camp Creek activity site for outdoor fun and gatherings. A large meadow and lawn provide ample space to play games, and if the heat gets too high, the Headwaters Swim Center offers a pool to splash into. And when residents want to cool off indoors, the clubhouse’s café and the sprawling activity center are the perfect places to go.

For the fitness-aware resident, the multiple outdoor gyms and walking trails are fun, refreshing ways to improve their health and take in the gorgeousness of the area at the same time.

Kids can have fun, too! With several playgrounds and parks, children will hardly want to stay inside on their devices. There’s even a 2.5-acre dog park for pups big and small to frolic around! There’s something for everyone with regard to the outdoors.


As stated above, Parrish is located close to some of the state’s most notable areas and attractions. And even better, North River Ranch is located off of I-75, the state’s longest interstate, which makes access to these places of interest more convenient.

Bradenton is one of the closest cities and is an excellent place for artists and animal lovers. It has a performing arts center, art classes, and an aquarium, to name a few of its attractions.

For those who like big cities, Tampa is close by and ready to satiate those who crave something a little more metropolitan. Convention-goers will love the variety of conventions and expos held at the Tampa Convention Center, and downtown has loads of things for nightlife lovers to do.

In addition, Parrish is just a few miles away from some of Florida’s most fabulous beaches, making living there ideal for those who like to catch rays and ride waves in the summer.

North River Ranch is a beautiful subdivision in Parrish, Florida for residents to look into if they’re interested in well-stocked home close to a little bit of everything that makes Florida so unique.