Success Stories

Success Stories

CHIF’s Neighborhood Rebuilder Loan Program Helps Upper Albany Revitalization

With the help of CHIF’s Neighborhood Rebuilder Loan Program, the Christian Activities Council (CAC) has completed the construction a new two-family home on Irving Street in Hartford. The new home is architecturally compatible with existing homes and is pictured below. CAC previously developed seven homes on Deerfield Avenue and is continuing its Upper Albany Revitalization Initiative with the construction of new homes on Vine Street. In October, the CAC celebrated its success by dedicating a new bronze deer statue at the end of Deerfield Avenue, replacing an older, crumbling statue. The new statue is symbolic of the remarkable revitalization of the Upper Albany neighborhood.

CHIF’s Neighborhood Rebuilder Loan Program provided financing to assist in the revitalization of Irving Street in Hartford.

Development in New Haven Made Possible with CHIF Financing

Housing Rehabilitation Institute of Connecticut (HRI) is working in the Newhallville neighborhood in New Haven to restore homes. CHIF has provided Neighborhood Rebuilder loans to finance three buildings. The home pictured below is one of the blighted homes HRI has rehabilitated in the target neighborhood. The home is comprised of one owner-occupied unit and one rental unit and helps meet the demand for affordable first-time homebuyer opportunities and rental units in New Haven.

Rehabilitation of this home was part of a neighborhood revitalization plan for this New Haven neighborhood.

Energy Conservation Loan Program Helps Homeowners Save Energy

The Energy Conservation Loan Program (ECL) is funded by the Connecticut Department of Housing and is administered by CHIF. The program helps Connecticut residents to make energy conserving home improvements by offering loans at below market interest rates. Connecticut residents have used the program to make energy-efficient home improvements, including the replacement of vinyl siding and windows. Click here for more information about the ECL program.

CHIF staff assist a homeowner complete paperwork for an Energy Conservation Loan.