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6 Essential Reasons to Use a Realtor

Realtors save time and make it easy

For most individuals buying of selling their home is the biggest transaction of their life and it doesn't happen very often. For this reason, as well as being preoccupied with other aspects of life, it makes it hard to be prepared and efficient with the demanding reality of finding the right house in the given time. Luckily for you, realtors have the time, education, experience, and license for exactly this kind of job. The undertaking can be fun when you receive assistance from a professional who does it day in and day out, has the infrastructure and a network of referrals, and can handle most of the process even if you are out of town. Investing in a realtor provides essential leverage and personalized real estate advice when selling, buying or renting any type of property.

Service Ethics

Realtors are real estate agents who are members of National Association of Realtors. The NAR membership holds all their members to the highest standard of ethics and commitment to their clients. When using a realtor, you can expect trust, discretion and best service available in this profession. Also, with an execution of proper agency agreement, any client can secure for themself Realtor's fiduciary duty which constitute of loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, obedience, reasonable care and diligence, and transparent accounting records.

Negotiation Expert

Realtors are not only good at finding a house, they’re also experts at negotiations. There are so many elements that go into this complicated part of the process. Many times, agreeing on the price and terms between the buyers and sellers is the most challenging piece of the puzzle. Realtors are ready to analyze particular situation and choose the best course of action to secure the best possible outcome for their party. In a competitive market, realtor's roll is especially essential when it comes to successful negotiation.

Two Heads Are Better than One

If there’s any real estate related dilemma that you’re straggling with, a realtor is right there ready to weigh in with a relevant housing and market feedback. Agents are also really good at finding the hidden gems of the real estate world. They know where to search for all the properties that aren’t well advertised but can be spotted by experienced and watchful realtor. To add on, once you’ve got your eye on a property, a realtor can give you all the extra facts that you didn’t even know you needed. They will tell you about the surroundings, safety, quality of the schools, history and plans of the neighborhood, local amenities and so much more.

Buyer's Pocket Is Not Affected

The best part about getting a realtor is that, as a buyer, you don’t have to spend a single penny to use a realtor! Upon prior mutual agreement, the seller’s proceeds fund any real estate agents involved in the process which culminate in closing.

New Construction Purchase

In general, builders use sale staff with great customer service skills for the best possible client experience purposes. However, from the legal standpoint, the staff represents the builder's interests, not the buyer's. If you visit a new construction site without your realtor; most likely, you will not be allowed to bring your own realtor with you later on. Therefore, if you are serious about the home purchase, bring your realtor with you whenever touring any models or construction sites to ensure support of an expert representing your interests just in case you decide to proceed with the purchase in the future.